Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Front Door Staining Project

UPDATED 3 DAYS LATER...AFTER 1 COAT VARNISH. NOW IT'S COMPLETED. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ It really had been years since I even noticed how faded my front door had become. I love my front door. It is 25 years old and weathered but is solid, ornate and beautiful. As a REALTOR, I know the importance of front doors & entry ways but you know how that goes…I was busy tending to others front doors. As many of you know, painters don’t typically like the detail of painting a front door, especially since I wanted a stain rather than traditional paint. So I figured with the holidays approaching it would be the perfect me-project to attack. I am a messy painter so I decided to try a Gel Stain so there are no drips. I loved working with this, there really was NO drips! I used a cotton cloth to paint so by the end it was pretty “thick” on the cloth, but it never dripped. I LOVE this stuff. It is Rich and thick and the perfect color for my Mediterranean home. The stain I chose is Varathane Gel Stain in “Traditional Cherry”. It took me an hour and a half to paint 2 coats. I will let it dry overnight and apply the top sealer tomorrow. I recommend Varathane Gel Stain, it’s so easy.

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